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FHA Loan

Our FHA Loan Rates Are Low & Our Process is Quick & Painless

FHA loans are mortgages that are insured by the Federal Housing Administration. That basically means that the Federal Government insures that the loan will be paid by the borrower or they pay some of the loss to the bank if the borrower defaults.

Because FHA loans are safer for banks, they offer very low down payment options as well as lower interest rates. However, because they are insured by the federal government, the borrower must pay mortgage insurance to the Federal Housing Administration. FHA loans are great for first time home buyers and people without a lot of money for a down payment.  

We’re here to guide you through the FHA loan process and find your best option. We go out of our way to make qualification as easy as possible, starting with our FREE personalized  FHA Loan Qualifier.


Whether you’re a first time home owner, or an investor, were here to compare loan programs and rates to find you the best home loan.

The Long Beach Home Loan Process: FHA Loans

Here’s how our home loan process works:

  • Complete our simple FHA Loan Qualifier
  • Receive personalized options based on your unique scenario
  • Analyze each scenario and compare to your needs
  • Choose the offer that best fits your needs

Why an FHA Loan?

Typically an FHA loan is one of the easiest types of mortgage loans to qualify for because it requires a low down payment and you can have less-than-perfect credit. An FHA down payment of 3.5% is required. Borrowers who cannot afford a traditional down payment of 20% or can’t get approved for private mortgage insurance should look into FHA loans.

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    • Fixed Rates

    • Adjustable Rates (ARM)

    • 3.5% Minimum Down Payment

    • 1 - 4 Units

    • Owner-Occupied