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A jumbo loan is a loan that exceeds the conforming loan limits as set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. As of 2018, the limit is $453,100 for most of the US, but this can vary county to county.  There can be stricter qualification standards for Jumbo loans, such as reserve requirements, since the banks are usually taking more risk.

We’re here to guide you through the FHA loan process and find your best option. We go out of our way to make qualification as easy as possible, starting with our FREE personalized  Jumbo Loan Qualifier.


Whether you’re a first time home owner, or an investor, were here to compare loan programs and rates to find you the best home loan


The Long Beach Home Loan Process: Jumbo Loans

Here’s how our home loan process works:

  • Complete our simple Jumbo Loan Qualifier
  • Receive personalized options based on your unique scenario
  • Analyze each scenario and compare to your needs
  • Choose the offer that best fits your needs

Why a Jumbo Loan?

There are many benefits, including: financing available up to $2.5 million; the convenience of one loan for the entire loan amount instead of having multiple mortgages; competitive pricing… and more.

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